Terms and Conditions

With the following specifications, I am applying for specialized consulting services for buying property in Turkey and I am committed to complying with the following rules and regulations.

The company means the holding and its representatives.

All the consultations done are only for my family with the attached specifications and providing it to any third party other than those mentioned is only subject to obtaining a written permission from Cippoint.

If I change the conditions and specifications of my request, I must inform the company to update the request. This is possible in the service up to 3 times.

The validity period of consulting review is 30 calendar days from the date of application.

The consultant is only a guarantor of the price and payment terms of the property purchases where the deposit amount has been deposited into the seller’s account.

The consultant is only obliged to deduct the amount paid for the consulting fee from the cost of the applicant’s citizenship attorney services in case of purchasing a property from the projects announced in the report and in the case of representing the consultant to negotiate points and discounts from the projects.

If new people are added to the list of citizenship applicants, the cost of their citizenship attorney is calculated separately, and only if the complete list of people applying for citizenship and the purchase of property for one or more people and their families, the consultation fee will be deducted from the cost of their citizenship attorney. .

The consultant is only obliged to provide negotiation agency services in the case of announcing the properties of the property in excess of the declared list in the consulting report, that these specifications are first communicated to the consultant in writing, and if any other person initiates a conversation with the seller, the consultant, due to maintaining professional ethics in In this regard, there will be no responsibility and the consequences of the results of any type of action in this regard will be directly related to the applicant.

The consultant is only obliged to negotiate and bargain and finalize the services and provide the services of obtaining citizenship with regard to the properties that he introduces in the announcement report, or the properties that, after the initial announcement and request of the applicant, have the necessary legal conditions and rights to provide.


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