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CipEmlak, a member of CIP Point Holding in Turkey, has all kinds of official civil and legal activity licenses and citizenship, and based on its reputation and history of financial, credit and investment activities in Turkey, it has the highest level of cooperation agreement with all reputable construction projects. operates Due to the direct cooperation of CIP Real Estate with all prestigious projects in Istanbul, while ensuring the accurate execution of real estate transactions for respected applicants, it is possible to provide the best discounts and payment terms in real estate investment in Turkey. CIP Real Estate is proud to turn real estate consulting services into specialized, strategic and profitable consulting services for the present and future of respected buyers. Considering all aspects of security in investment and optimizing its profitability in investors’ purchases in order to reach the highest level of satisfaction with their decision, the goal of this company’s activity is.

On the other hand, CipEmlak company will refund all the cost of its specialized consulting services as an advance payment if the applicant’s purchase is finalized, in the process of obtaining citizenship and passport. Therefore, not only the applicants make the best purchase with the most specialized studies and advice, but they do not pay any more than the minimum final price and the best payment conditions. Since in a short trip, it is not possible to check all urban projects such as Istanbul with dimensions 7 times that of Tehran, the Tehran office has been established by employing experienced consultants who are well versed in real estate and citizenship in Turkey. In this way, while doing preliminary investigations, focus on visiting selected projects, summarizing and receiving discounts and appropriate payment terms from projects directly and without any intermediaries. The basis of our success is the satisfaction of CipEmlak applicants and clients.


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Any questions? we are ready to answer

To book a free consultation in Tehran or Istanbul office, contact our experts

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