Due to the limitation of the properties that the investor can use this rental guarantee campaign, priority will be given to using these conditions only for the first 100 requests.

Therefore, if you intend to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity, be sure to immediately use the free initial consultation to know the exact conditions.

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A golden opportunity to get a Turkish passport

A golden opportunity to get a Turkish passport

These days, many people are waiting to buy a property in Turkey at a price of 400,000 dollars in order to secure the future of themselves and their children by obtaining the passport of this country.

Now we have an exceptional opportunity for you, with a very limited capacity, by paying only 250,000 dollars and receiving 150,000 dollars in cash, you can get Turkish citizenship and passport as collateral for real estate rental. With years of excellent experience in the field of investment consulting in Turkey, our experts have created an exceptional and special solution for you to receive a Turkish passport within 3 months. If you are ready to use this opportunity in the near future, our consultants are at your service

$250,000 campaign advantage

By paying only 250,000 dollars and benefiting from the 150,000 dollar rent of the purchased property worth 400,000 dollars, you can get the necessary capital to obtain Turkish citizenship.

فرصت طلایی دریافت پاسپورت ترکیه

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