Protection procedure on the website

cipemlak will not give any information about you to others without your express permission. Using forms, cipemlak receives users’ contact information (such as name, address, contact phone number, email, etc.) uses cipemlak integrated system creates a user account for each user. Your information will be used only when it is necessary to notify you of changes and developments in cipemlak’s products and services or new services and special conditions that may be significant for you. If you prefer. cipemlak may use this information to broadcast advertisements related to its services and products. cipemlak analyzes the collected information about subscribers using the website statistics reporting system in order to promote and develop their services and products. cipemlak believes that maintaining and maintaining the privacy of user information is of great value. This Privacy Policy, along with cipemlak’s other policies, solutions and practices, represents a dedicated effort to keep the limited information collected from users and maintained on our website secure. In this regard, the following security measures have been put in place to prevent people from accessing customer information: The lack of access of unrelated employees of the company to the contact and financial information of customers Keeping customer information encrypted in the database. Establishing an exceptionally high level of control to prevent, misuse, loss or transfer of information on the website.


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